As previously announced here, 60646 Blog has moved to its new home, and is now up and running in a self-hosted environment. Many thanks to Matt Mullenweg and the folks at Wordpess for being such gracious hosts over the past few months.



I just wanted to take a moment and wish all readers of 60646 Blog a happy holiday season, no matter what your faith is. I’ve been honored and blessed to have you as our loyal readers, and I look forward to blogging about 60646 in the new year, which I hope will be a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for all of you.

My family and I will be taking a few days off during the holidays, so there won’t be any posting activity, however, the updates on Edgebrook and Saugansh home inventories should not be interrupted during this time. And please keep in mind that 60646 Blog will be completely revamped in a few short weeks. Have a happy and safe holiday.

It’s one of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving, and holiday movies, in general. And tomorrow, it’ll be that time again: the Christmas traveling season will be upon us. But don’t despair, because Google has introduced a new search feature: Flight Stats Search. Simply type an airline name and flight number into the search box, and Google will direct you to the information you’re seeking.


I remember a closing that I attended a few years ago that was rather “paper-intensive”, as the purchaser had obtained an 80-10-10 mortgage (80% first loan, 10% second loan, 10% own funds) and therefore had to sign two mortgage packages at the closing table, instead of one. Visualize for a moment, if you will, a stack of papers, almost two inches tall. This closing was taking forever. It was then that the seller’s (admittedly experienced) attorney, in his boredom, casually remarked how he missed the old days, when the parties to a transaction had to sign four or five pieces of paper each, and the deal was done.

No siree, not no more. In Chicago, it all starts with your listing agent asking you to complete and sign (and sometimes initial) at least a IL-Residential Disclosure Form, a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form, a Mold Disclosure Form, and a Heating Disclosure Form (which must be obtained from People’s Energy first).

And here comes another one, starting January 1, 2008: The Radon Disclosure Form (officially: Disclosure of Information on Radon Hazards – pdf file). Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reporting on the newly enacted “Illinois Radon Awareness Act” (“The Act”, harhar). What is this disclosure all about? Radon is an odorless radioactive gas that comes from naturally occurring uranium in the soil, and can enter homes. Some basic information about Radon hazards can be found here (pdf-file).

In other words, starting January 1, 2008, before a buyer will become bound on a contract to purchase real estate in Illinois, the seller will be required to provide to the buyer a pamphlet entitled “Radon Testing Guidelines for Real Estate Transactions” (pdf-file) and the above mentioned “Illinois Disclosure of Information on Radon Hazards”. Your Realtor should have both pieces of information (pamphlet and disclosure) in their toolbag.

This just in from


Late fall and early winter are always appropriate times for Realtors to do some of the things that we can’t seem to find the time for during the busy season, such as business planning for the next year, and gathering receipts and documentation for the next tax filing (which will arrive sooner than you may think).

This year, I am working on an additional project: Remodeling 60646 Blog! And I’m not talking about a measly face-lift. I’m talking about big changes under the hood, behind the curtain, etc. In other words: A gut-rehab.

This was necessary, because a lot of the things that I’d like to accomplish with this blog are reaching technical limitations. This blog is hosted by WordPress, arguably the finest blogging platform on the face of the earth. With hundreds of thousands of bloggers using WordPress as their blog host, there are some technical limitations that WordPress has to put in place, to ensure the security of their platform for the good of their entire community. And that means, for instance, that scripts cannot be utilized. WordPress, in their infinite wisdom and genius though, have made their blogging software freely available to bloggers who would like to operate their blogs on other hosts, without any of these technical limitations.

And that is the way I’m going with 60646 Blog. Starting in January 2008, 60646 Blog will be self-hosted (and still WordPress-based), with a (mostly) new face, and some neat changes under the hood. If you’ve gotten used to perusing the inventory of homes for sale in Edgebrook and Sauganash (about 7,500 unique views since June 2007), you will continue to see that on the new 60646 Blog. In addition, you will have access to browsing the entire MLS of Northern Illinois (map- and criteria-based) through the RE/MAX interface. You won’t want to miss our new RE/MAX Neighborhood Valuation Report (move over Zillow) at your fingertips. More videos about homes, listings, and happenings in 60646 in general, will be forthcoming. In short, I am excited to announce “60646 Blog – Reloaded”. Stay tuned for the unveiling in a few weeks. There’s no “trailer” for it, but take a peek at the preliminary new (alpha) look of 60646 Blog, below.

You don’t know this, but I worked out the entire month of October in anticipation of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, apple pie, you name it. The problem is that I won’t have enough time to lose the post-Thanksgiving weight gain ahead of Christmas. I guess I just have to delay that until January. I hope it snows hard.

Best wishes to all readers of 60646 Blog for a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.